How to Copy and Scan using HP DeskJet Printers?

HP Deskjet Printers Copy and Scan Features

HP Deskjet Printers undoubtedly offers remarkable features and best-in-class print outputs. But, you can do more than just printing copies from your HP Deskjet printers’ line-up. Through HP Deskjet printers, you can copy, scan, and of course, print your desired documents and images.

To know how to Copy and Scan using HP Deskjet Printers, please adhere to the instructions we’ve listed below.

Please start the guide below to know how to use all the scan and copy features assisted by the portal.


Steps to Scan Documents on HP Deskjet Printers

To know how to use the Deskjet Scan feature on your HP Deskjet printers, please follow these subsequent steps below.

  1. To scan all your beloved documents, you need to install the HP Scan app.
  2. To download the HP Scan app on your PC, head to the portal and download the HP Scan app.
  3. Click on the downloaded item to install the HP Scan on your PC.
  4. Once installed, launch the HP Scan app.
  5. Align the papers on the HP Deskjet scan tray perfectly. And close the HP Deskjet scan tray.
  6. Click on the Scan button on the HP Scan app.
  7. Once scanned, a pop-up would appear with details such as a preferred format to save the scan, email the scan, and more.
  8. Choose according to your preference and hit OK.
  9. You can scan all your documents on your HP Deskjet by following the same steps.

Steps to make a Copy on HP Deskjet Printers

  1. You can click on the print button or the Ctrl + P shortcut to print your preferred documents on the HP Deskjet printer.
  2. By following the on-screen pop-up, you can set according to your preference.
  3. Follow the same steps to make copies via your HP Deskjet printer.

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